The Bitcoin Prophecies

Platonicgap's ponderings of things to come.

Today’s Prophesy: December 29, 2013

Feedback loops are the most common element of social interaction, influence, and motivation. Their cadence marks the difference between closing a sale, getting the girl, a mom and pop shop and a fortune 500 company, standard deviation, sexual energy, cool, and uncool. Technological feedback loops have been getting tighter by the decade.


Today’s Prophesy: December 28, 2013

We were the first generation to get Wikipedia. Think about that for a minute; for the first time in the history of the world, truth seekers get what we are looking for: string theory, the double split experiment, reflexivity, and bloodied opium fields / “We think of life in terms of truth… Function can be the only truth. Because it’s just movement. We call that progress… It’s just movement.” – special thanks to Robert DeLong –

Today’s Prophesy: December 27, 2013

“I just replaced your entire industry with 100 lines of python code.”  -Andreas Antonopoulos referring to the present and future of business.

Today’s Prophesy: December 26, 2013

An entire generation raised on the internet is about to inherit the world. Look for sharp societal changes.

Today’s Prophesy: December 25, 2013

Future stores will feature QR codes on every product in the store, each with its individual bitcoin public address.  This will allow customers to purchase the product by sending money to the product with their smartphone.  The store will know exactly which item has been purchased, and at what time, and they will have received payment; perfect for Just In Time restocking. The customer can walk out of the store with the item right there and then.

Today’s Prophecy: December 24, 2013

Bitcoin will disperse throughout society in a large part by way of gifting. 

Today’s Prophesy: December 23, 2013

The proliferation of globe trotting professionals. Crpyto: “it’s everywhere you want to be.”