Millennials: you’re doing it right.

by platonicgap

Much maligned by your predecessors, you’ve been classified as egocentric, prone to fluxing career paths, and labeled Generation “Me.”  I’m here to let you know, you’re not part of a loser generation. Read my lips: You’re doing it right.

You live in the vestiges of the industrial revolution. Nearly 150 years have passed, but the mark of Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and John D. Rockefeller clearly surrounds you. The power structures have remained largely intact.

Rockefeller’s Standard Oil breakup gave birth to: ExxonMobbil, Chevron, Exxo, Amoco, Arco, Texaco.  The companies that shape US foreign policy today. Do you know why we fight?

The petrodollar.  The current monetary paradigm is not the gold-backed dollar.  Foreign policy, since the Bretton Woods default of the early 70’s, revolves around upholding the oil-backed greenback. Weak oil producing nations are required to sell their product to US oil companies exclusively in USD.  This is why we fight.  To uphold temporary monetary strength resulting in the consumerist importation paradigm as our unit of account fades in to the oblivion of deficits and QE.

Enter bitcoin. A distributed, decentralized payment platform, featuring a controlled and unshakable monetary base, the ability to open a bank account in an instant; the end of red tape.

You’ve been building your own brand, on twitter, on linkedin, on facebook. This reputation is portable. You can now move physically at will. Leverage over you employers has increased. Your work stays with you wherever you go, wherever you are. You are free to make yourself.

Passion was under appreciated in the previous paradigm. Turns out productivity, creativity, and innovation hinge on it. These are the principle agents of growth.

The industrial revolution was based on rigidity, linear integration, and specialization. Careers were built on it. People stuck in a rut. Made the wrong decision at age 20? Too bad. Can’t leave your employer for the stigma of disloyalty? So sad. You are special. Specialized.

Now imagine for a minute, the new paradigm. Open-sourced. Decentralized. Flexible. Engaged. Disengaged. Humans applying their energies at will, coalescing around their passion, as long as sustained, re-coalescing at will as needed. Projects forming around human energy. Capital allocating, reallocating, the price mechanism in play, matter obedient to human need.  A hive of autonomous directed productivity and life giving action; welcome to the tech revolution.

You’re doing it right.